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    Designer and interior architect, I remain deeply attached to creative professions and manual work. After studying Art History and then Applied Arts, the encounter with clay today fertilizes my creative terrain.

  • CLAY

    The smell of the clay is familiar to me. I mainly work with stoneware. Treigny, Moutiers, are natural French red clays, coming from Burgundy in the Puisaye region. They have a noble texture and incomparable plasticity.


    I've always started thinking about my architectural projects in terms of materials. This choice has always been a determining factor in my designs. Even today, this sensitivity to colors and textures, whether simple or superimposed, is the hallmark of my work.


    As an architect, I've always worked with the aim of mastering the unexpected and correcting defects. With clay, I rediscover discipline and mastery through gesture, but I don't erase the surprises; on the contrary, I let them sublimate. This idea of the beauty of imperfection makes the object unique.


    I missed making. I then sought to create ceramic objects that were in harmony with my architectural projects, my house or my table. Today I integrated some collections into my online store and opened the request for special orders.


    My glazes come from personal research. They are made and applied by me in my workshop.